Vision 2022


With the future in mind, HydraPro Bahrain still maintains the native ambition that was evident in its conception back in 2012. The company now aims to exploit new market opportunities add new verticals and to continue with the very same organic growth pattern that has seen it transform into the region’s leading fluid engineering provider.

The future starts now... since the new strategy and mantra implemented in the year 2015, there seems to be no turning back after a tremendous turnaround with record growth rate scoring of over 80%. Projected YOY growth expected to increase by 20 % in the year 2016. Even still, this is a remarkable story as HydraPro has been recreated mentions Alban Lawrence Quadros – General Manager.

With infinite scope in the oil and gas Sector and various industries and increased demands expected , HydraPro aims to capitalize. The product diversity initiatives have acted as a foundation for the success experienced, success which has been galvanized for a bright future. “We have the products and skills that the market can benefit from and the market is ready for our products. Also, we have good relationships with many of the big players in that market and that will help us to match that 20%+ growth rate,”

Only a year after taking over the new role in 2015, expansion plans are well underway. Current projections indicate that even with the expansion, the facility will only last for five years given the prolific growth pattern. However, the key to success does not exist in either premises or booming markets but it is all about Team Work and passion at work … “We are growing fast. The key for us is not about finding premises, its not about having access to markets – the markets exist and the ability to find premises exist. The key is in human capital … to ensure we have this we have to continue setting up training programmes.” HydraPro have the best people in the market place because of this very reason. Investing in these human futures will rubber stamp success. The security of human capital is one of the very reasons HydraPro is posting double-digit growth on a yearly basis.

The challenge and desire by the team that by the year 2022 HydraPro hopes to become a 7 Million $ Company. Naturally, by any means this could be seen as ambitious for such a young company. But is this realistic? Absolutely. HydraPro are well placed to meet these projections and we see no reason to adjust the goal. The market is looking for high quality players such as HydraPro who can support and assist.

This is not just about turnover. This is about providing the highest level of service in the market place and being big enough to support the key players who operate there. HydraPro care enough to provide the best products, the best service and the best support – and are available 24hours, seven days a week.

“At every level in the organization we are available to offer support. The door is always open and the phone is always on.

We will deliver... We will execute … We will score …

“We know in our own minds that we are as good as our customer. We have to make our customer as strong as possible and we do that by building, expanding and delivering top line service.”

Together, We make the difference !

Alban Lawrence Quadros
General Manager

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